by The Seer

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The debut album from The Seer. Made up of the 5 tracks from the 2011 EP of the same name, the two tracks from the 2012 single "Timeless", and 3 previously unreleased tracks.

Ryan Huthnance - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel McInnes - Guitar
Allan Swaffield - Bass
Tom Taylor - Drums


released April 10, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Huthnance at Emissary Studios 2013/2014
Artwork and logo by Sylvain Lucchina (Razorimages)
Photos by Greg Sher (Vokta)



all rights reserved


The Seer Newcastle, Australia

The Seer are a Newcastle-based Symphonic Death Metal band. Current lineup consists of Ryan Huthnance (Vocals and Guitar), Daniel McInnes (Guitar), Allan Swaffield (Bass) and Tom Taylor (Drums).

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Track Name: The Fall
The gates are open, and thus all life will cease to be.
A self-destructive force, alive and breathing.
The downward spiral into our demise was man made,
As all life will collapse under its own weight.

Power-hungry overzealous cowards in their purest form,
Their elysian delusions make them blind to all.
Abnormalities and aberrations in their minds,
Lead us to the inevitable day of our demise.

Betrayed by our creator,
Driven to our end.
The fall of the human race,
Orchestrated by our so-called God.
Corrupted from the inside,
The blood is on our hands.
We dug our own graves,
Our caskets made of only nails.
Track Name: Deviant
Her skin is cold to his touch,
Now they can be together.
He embraces her body,
He will look into her eyes forever.
One last kiss - he shivers from the cold.
Their lips joined - as decay takes hold.

Six feet under,
Feeling death’s embrace.
He gazes longingly,
At her lifeless face.
The worms start crawling in,
His bloodied hands grow weak.
He draws his final breath,
His pain has reached it’s peak.

Nobody knows she’s missing,
For the dead cannot scream.
He sees life in her cold, dead face.
He can hear her voice in his dreams.
When he dug up her body,
He removed the flesh from the bone.
He’d keep her skin as a trophy,
And wear her face to hide his own.
Track Name: Pariah
Hated, a marked man,
I never asked for this.
Despised, for being real,
Yet I always needed this.
Outcast, my fate is sealed,
An exile for all time.
Scorned, alone I’ll rot,
The way it’s meant to be.

I am everyone, and I am no-one.
Messenger of misanthropy, harbinger of hate.
Cataclysmic thoughts, will consume me.
My existence will soon come to an end.

Oblivion, release me,
I am your servant.
Perdition, absolve me,
So I can die.
Purgatory, my fate is sealed,
An exile for all time,
Damnation, alone I’ll rot,
The way it’s meant to be.
Track Name: Embrace Pestilence
Embrace this offering,
Let it consume.
Fire will rain upon the earth,
This is the end.
I walk this earth,
In search of your soul.
My search will not be in vain.

I’ll leave your world in ruins,
I feel no pain.
I’ll move on once again,
Sleep through another age.
There is no end to your suffering,
No escape from perpetual torment.

Bow down before me,
Witness your demise.
I grant you no remorse,
Your time has come to die.
Bow down, fear me,
I saw the fall of empires.
I’ll judge you now and for all time.
Track Name: Condemnation
The skies are bleeding,
The heavens severed,
An open wound within the earth.
All hell has broken loose,
The purge almost complete,
Our cities reduced to ashes.

Hear the pleas of your people,
(They cry for war).
Fear not the wrath of the righteous,
(And their empty words).
Find solitude in darkness,
(The light will burn you).
Accept our condemnation,
(Their God won’t save you).

Come forth, perdition’s slave,
Apocalyptic messenger,
The herald, proclaims the end of days.
Behold! Judas!
Stand before me.
Let your atrocities be seen and tried before the laws of man.

Bear witness onto the final eclipse,
The earth is driven into darkness.
The sheep will follow the wolf,
Into the slaughter yard.
He promised sanctuary,
Then killed them all.

I place no faith in heaven,
(All prayers go unanswered).
I find no hope in hell,
(Our damnation is here).
You have lead us to our end,
(With your empty words).
Your imitation of salvation will destroy us all.
Track Name: Timeless
The perpetual winds of eternity,
Have driven me to insanity.
The curse of immortality,
Makes these depths seem boundless.
Timeless tides flow over me,
As I lay below the surface.
Soon the world will forget me,
But still I wait.

I await redemption,
Release from my grave.

My resting place,
My sanctuary.
Alone I watch the ages pass.
Biding my time until mankind has died,
The earth will be mine once again.

The endless ocean above me,
Maintains the constant silence.
My time will come again,
When I will rise.
I have transcended mortality,
I have abandoned morality.
The waves roll over me eternally,
For I will find no peace.
Track Name: Eternal Cataclysm
An expanding vortex,
Leading to nothingness.
Will be opened as the planets align.
The end is near, the people cry.
The time has come for us to die.

Buildings are torn from their foundations,
As they disappear into the sky.
Centuries of evolution are erased before our eyes.
Track Name: Abhorrence
An entire civilisation of murderers, cowards and fools.
Controlling the population, through lies and catechisation.
Expressions of discontent, are silenced.
Proof of deceit must be destroyed.

Control must be maintained,
The people must not have free will.
Keep them uneducated and quiet,
And the greater good can be upheld.
A history of violence committed,
To make them see our way.
United under the crucifix,
You’re our possession now.

We control the media, you must believe our words.
Our lies and deception will sustain you.
We control your bank accounts, your savings belong to us.
Our God is omnipotent, but has expensive taste.
Track Name: The Plague
The dead are piled up in the streets,
Then buried in unmarked graves.
To stop the plague from spreading.
Bleeding from the eyes,
Complete loss of movement.
Entire cities wiped out.

The plague is spreading,
Our world is ending.
Your blood is boiling,
Soon you will die.
The fever is rising,
Society is dying.
Witness the cleansing of the human race.

The ground is full of corpses,
The remaining must be burnt.
On mas funeral pyres.
The fumes are more than you can stand,
The ashes fill the sky,
Then rain upon the earth.
Track Name: Wasteland
The streets are completely silent,
The air is thick with the stench of decay.
The walls are stained with blood,
And the floors are flooded with waste.

The acid rains will come,
And wash away the blood.
This nuclear winter will claim,
The lives of those who still remain.

The ashes of what we knew,
Are scattered on the wind.
A funeral dirge for humankind.
Signs of life anew,
Show through the blackened soil.
The cycle of death and rebirth begins again.